Sinomine Kaiyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd.


      Sinomine Kaiyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Sinomine Kaiyuan”) is established in September 2015. Its registration capital is 50 million dollars. Sinomine Kaiyuan is a holding subsidiary of Sinomine Resource Exploration Co., Ltd. Its main business includes mine related M & A investment and equity investment of unlisted companies. On 1st November 2016, Sinomine Kaiyuan formally registered as qualified private equity fund manager in Asset Management Association of China (Registration No.P1060053).

As a holding subsidiary of Sinomine Resource, Sinomine Kaiyuan leads the listed company to carry out M&A investment with a more professional and market-oriented point of view. It assists listed company to look for high-qualified mine project, manage its market value and optimize its assets. Sinomine Kaiyuan also provides investment and financing channels for customers and investors, including investment and financing consultants, corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring, investment consulting and other related business services.

In May 2017, Sinomine Kaiyuan cooperates with Bangyi Investment Group Co., Ltd. and acquires fund manager qualification of Lithium New Energy Industry Development Guide Funds of Yichun City of Jiangxi Province.

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