Sino Kasempa Minerals Ltd.

Sino Kasempa Minerals Limited (Hereinafter refers as  the "Kasempa Company") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zambia Nonferrous Metals Exploration & Construction Company Limited and located at Kasempa District of North-Western Province of Zambia.

Kasempa Company acquires one exploitation area and two exploration areas at Kasempa District of North-Western Province of Zambia. The exploitation license number is 18659-HQ-LML and covers an area of approximately 249.5 km2. The license relates to the minerals of aluminum, cobalt, copper, gold, iron, silver, uranium and zinc, totaling eight kinds of metals. The prospecting licenses are numbered with 8416-HQ-LPL and 13049-HQ-LPL with an area of 207.4 km2 and 132.6 km2 respectively, relating to the following minerals of uranium, silver, gold, copper, cobalt, nickel, iron, lead and zinc.

Kasempa Company has carried out large amount of mineral exploration work in Kasempa District since 2007 and found out Shivuma copper and Kamatete iron currently. In 2015 further exploration work will be conducted in the exploitation area with an attempt to explore more iron, copper, gold and other mineral resources.


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    Add: Kasempa District, Northwestern Province, Zambia

    Tel: 0026 0961 131359

    E-mail: sinokasempa@163.com

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