Sinomine is familiar with the common and advanced techniques in the relevant fields, including geology, geophysics, geochemistry, remote sensing and drilling. We are constantly improving the technology during the project. The renewed technique, therefore, becomes the core competence.

One of Sinomine’s important branch is the research and development. We now have our own laboratory and the project research center. We also work with the top universities, like China University of Geosciences and Central South University to set up a joint laboratory and research base. Based on the demand on the geological exploration market, Sinomine has identified the market-oriented research system to ensure the company business and technology development.

         Sinomine keeps on introducing the advanced technology from both inside and outside China and renovating to fit the project. Many of Sinomine’s patented technologies won the provincial prizes. Sinomine is familiar with geophysical, geochemical, remote prospecting to quickly identify the targets. And several advanced technologies can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness in mineral resource exploration, such as the 3D visualization deposit modeling, the reserves estimation technique, the clay free drilling fluid technique, the remote sensing and fast chemical analyzer, the main body and derrick integrated core drilling rig, the full bore casing concrete pile with the method of hydraulic circular rocking, the high pressure jet grouting technology in large angle, thermal melting rock drilling and the melt for protection casing, etc. We now own over ten patents, most of which are the latest in the world. Sinomine also Participated in writing the Geological Drilling Handbook”, one of the "China 12th Five-Year Plan" National Important Books Project .


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